Faultline History

Founded in 1988 with five members, Faultline quickly grew, helped by the merger with the Hutt Chorus in 1990. With the inimitable Prue Blythe as Musical Director, the combined chorus of forty-plus members competed with energy and enthusiasm that year at New Zealand's first national Sweet Adelines Convention, placing third out of four competing choruses.

In 1991 the chorus adopted the name Faultlline. The name is in recognition of the fact that the region of Wellington where the chorus is based, is situated around six active earthquake fault lines.

In the early 1990s Convention was held every second year and with the number of competing choruses growing rapidly in Region 35 (New Zealand) to nine in 1992, Faultline placed consistently either third or fourth.

In 1998 Convention became an annual event moving between the main centres of Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. Faultline continued to feature in competition placings, taking second in 1999 and also winning the Small Chorus Award (fewer than 40 singers). In 2000 the chorus placed second and won the Mid-size Chorus Award (41 - 75 singers). 2001 saw Faultline take the Bronze medal in Christchurch and in 2002 once again took the Silver. 2003 the chorus did not compete and in 2004 and 2005 achieved Bronze and Silver respectively. 2006 saw a change and the chorus placed 4th, however came back in 2007 to be placed second overall and to win Silver in the Mid-size chorus competition and the Most Improved Chorus Award. 2008 Faultline achieved second overall again and took out the Mid-size chorus competition.

Prue Blythe, the chorus director for 13 years, was a dedicated practitioner of barbershop harmony and the results the chorus achieved under her guidance are a testimony to this. Prue was instrumental in bringing the 'Young Women in Harmony' programme to New Zealand and devoted time to coaching and encouraging your women. After 13 years of learning and teaching, Prue was recognised for her talents and invited to becomes a member of the International faculty. She resigned as director of Faultline, took her place on the risers and began planning for her new challenge. Very sadly Prue passed away 6 weeks before she was to present her first class at the International Education Symposium.

Carolyn Currington (nee Baylis) had been appointed the director of the chorus following Prue's resignation. Carolyn had previously sung baritone and lead with the chorus and is a qualified singing teacher with previous experience of directing choirs. Under her directorship the chorus continue to learn and master the craft of barbershop and perform in the community and on the competition stage with energy and style.

Faultline had 28 singers at contest in 2009 and achieved an amazing 579 points, taking out the Most Improved chorus Award and second overall. This achievement put Faultline third in the world in the Division A (Small Chorus) catergory and Faultline qualified to attend the Harmony Classic Competition in Seattle, Washington in October 2010! The chorus placed fourth at this contest and were truly inspired by the experience. Back in May 2010 Faultline repeated earlier success and achieved third place overall and won the Division AA (Mid-size Chorus) category. 2011 saw the chorus take a rest from contest after their return from Seattle. In 2012 in Christchurch, Faultline won 1st Place Small Chorus and 2013 in Queenstown Faultline won 1st Place Small Chorus and 3rd overall. 2014 was a year off from competing and Faultline returned again in 2015 with an outstanding performance of winning 1st Midsize Chorus and 2nd Overall in New Zealand. Faultline also won most improved Regional Chorus with an increase of 71 points since they last competed - the highest score ever achieved by Faultline at 595 points. 

2016 has seen Faultline increase their standing even more within Sweet Adelines with a massive increase to 643 points in the regional competition which makes our Director a Master Director and the chours a master chorus. An honour bestowed on choruses that score over 600.

2018 saw us compete on the Interntional stage at St Louis, Missouri, USA. We were extremely proud to show them what a relatively small chorus from New Zealand can sound like and we will never forgetting singing under the famous Arch beside the Mississippi River.

Through the years the chorus has performed in many venues, from the St James Theatre, the Michael Fowler Centre - one of Wellington's premier event centres, to shopping malls. There have been television and radio appearances, including a live performance on Good Morning for Television One in 2004 and appearing on the National Radio documentary Spectrum in 2002 with Jack Perkins. The chorus have also had numerous articles in both local and metropolitan newspapers.

2007 saw the chorus's first venture into a scripted production with the performances of the hilarious Desperate Divas. The show was such a success that a repeat performance was held later in the year.

The chorus continues to grow and improve and is committed to enjoying the journey along the road to excellence in barbershop harmony.